How Do I know when my order shipped?

Once you place the order you will receive an order confirmation and tracking number via email.

What If I have a problem with my purchase?

If you have any trouble or questions about your order, products or anything else you can think of you can always send an email to our support team. We will take care of whatever problem you have!

I placed an order but never received an order confirmation what is the problem?

If you place an order on the site and do not receive an order confirmation please contact the support team immediately support@aromaessentials.com

How does COVID-19 affect my order?

COVID-19 is a problem that the whole world has had to face. In regards to your order the only issues COVID-19 would have on your order is in the availability of the product and the estimated shipping times. If either of these relate to your order you will be notified by email by our support team.